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Bisexuality and Dating

I’m so happy this conversation is happening!! People are describing it even better than I could, so I thought I’d reblog it <3 I especially love the water analogy; so using that!





Something that occurred to me recently: I am never in a straight relationship, and I am never in a gay relationship, although my partners may be. I am always in a bisexual relationship, regardless of the gender of the person I’m dating.

Yes! Yes! Yes! One of the many reasons that the accusations sometimes leveled at bisexual people in different gender relationships of deliberately accessing some sort of ‘heterosexual privilege’ is such a fallacy. Bisexual people, by definition, can never be in a ‘Straight Relationship’ because We Are Not Straight!

Privilege comes from the closet (or perhaps from some sort of mistake on the part of the viewer) not from self-identification.

This goes back to the idea that bisexuality is “half-gay, half-straight,” and not an identity in its own right. We are constantly being pigeonholed into other identities or declared a combination of other identities because society refuses to acknowledge that we really exist.

As someone else once put it, water is not described as half-vapor and half-ice. Each sexuality is its own state. It may overlap with another state, but I’m not part one and part another. I’m ALL bisexual whether I’m andro-biased this month and gyno-biased next or neutrois-biased another. Or any of the rest of us, for that matter.

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